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Shear strength testing machine
The shear strength tester is used to determine the bonding strength between the disc and the back plate, and the drum and the shoe.
The bond strength of the disc or bonded drum brake shoe is a very important indicator. When the vehicle is running, once there is a phenomenon of stripping, it will cause the brake system to fail and cause serious consequences.
The shear strength testing machine has high integration and stable performance. It can collect experimental data in real time, and can realize real-time display of various parameters such as test force, deformation, displacement, and curve during the test.
Through the shear stress test of the products, we ensure that our company provides customers with safe and high-quality products.
Constant Speed Testing Machine
Constant speed friction and wear tester, suitable for determining the friction coefficient and wear performance of non-metallic friction materials (such as brake pads).
It can collect and analyze test data, simulate braking conditions, and obtain the instantaneous friction coefficient, temperature transmission value and temperature curve diagram of the brake pad when it is worn at high temperatures.
Through the constant speed friction and wear test of the product, the comfort and braking effect of our company's products are ensured.

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